Issue with the IE download bar

The same Studio (18.4.4) and IE (11.914.17763.0) versions are both in Win10, but the button on the download bar cannot get the selector. What is the reason?

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@Eric.163 please use “focus” activity before.

There may be a delay in the download bar to appear. You can use a delay Activity or
If the downloading time varies, then better to use an element exist activity, and then clicking.

@ huhuhug,@ shankm
In addition, I restart the computer with IE, tried, only get the selector of the previous layer, the button can not get …just on one computer, other one is okay, the same permissions (same user)…

Did you try my solution?


I tried it, but also cannot get the button selector…

Hi, try this => then restart IE.

I did what you said, after PC restart, it still doesn’t work. Maybe I need to change my browser. . But the same script is okay on other PC, strange problem, IE or Studio…

Solved, maybe a bug, reference:Selector is not working on IE by UI FrameWork Default

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