UIpath selector not working in one part of IE model

Hi Team,

I am facing some weird issue. I developed one bot in my dev machine, everything working fine. When try to run the same bot from different dev machine its not working as expected failed to find element.

I further analysed the issue, we have one model dialogue in the application (IE), in that model dialogue the uipath selector not working in right part of the model, its working fine in left part and able to find the element. But in the right part it select as the complete block. So its not selecting anything. This issue occurred in other dev machine only. In my dev machine everything is working fine.

Is the issue occurred due to some screen resolution or anything? we tried all the causes but still didnt found any solution.

Sunil Prabakar C

Hi @Sunil_Prabakar

is the ie version same version exists in all dev machines

Ashwin S

Ya yes, all are the same version.

Sunil Prabakar C

In further analysis, i found that bot not able to select any element in any popup model window in other dev machines.