Cannot pick up Ui element on IE

Scenario:Cannot detect Ui element with UiPath Explorer.
I am working on a Chinese online banking website, and it can only be opened on IE browser. However UiPath seems not working well on IE. I have install regsvr32.exe oleacc.dll and make sure IE browser allow active scripting, but still it does not work. My IE 11 browser and UiPath studio 6435 are up to date. I tried to use click or click on image feature on UiPath too, but still it cannot grab the image on IE at all. How can I solve this problem ?

Hi @ciaraous !

Maybe if you try to install this extension, Extensiones imprescindibles para Internet Explorer y Firefox - Softonic … is works for me :slight_smile:

Tell me if is works for you !


Thank you @SCOVARRU! I installed IE7pro on my IE11, however it still does not work :frowning:
As shown in the attachment, I cannot detect the ui element on IE. Please help me out.

If you use the “Open Browser” activity with a link, does IE open normally and go to that link or do you get a error saying you cannot communicate with Internet Explorer?

I have log into the banking system with “Open Browser”, but after I log in, no ui element can be recognized, i can’t even use “click” or “click on image”

Strange because I’m having the opposite problem, I can’t open IE with Open Browser activity but I can indentify elements. Have you tried to allow scripting in IE? (Internet options > Security > Custom Level. And then under Scripting enable “Active Scripting” )

Problem solved:
1> installed all “Manage Packages” in UiPath
2> open UiPath and all the application with the Admin Authority

Hi @ciaraous

I am facing the same issue can you please elaborate on manage packages thing.

Shiva Thammagonda

HI @Shiva_Karthik,

In IE is the default one.
If you are going to use some other you need to change the extensions


Hi @akila93

can please tell how to verify the extension

Been trying to solve this issue for a few hours now, running both applications as Admin was the only way I could get passed with IE communication issue. Thanks for posting this solution

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@akila93 please make sure you install all the packages before you use UiPath

The issue i posted was a really special case. Since i am working on a Chinese online banking system, they have protection of their website. I have to open UiPath and IE as Adminstrator in order to pick up UI on the website.

I cannot detect the ui element on IE. Please help me out.

Install all the packages, and make sure open all the application as administrator

What about I run an application as another user that has local admin right?