About UI frameworks

it can not conmmunicate with IE and desktop correctly. I use Windows Server 2016.
In IE, the UIframeworks need to be changed to the UI Automation, the selector can work.
So how to change the UE Automation as default, or something need to be config to solve the problem.


Please brief the issue, like with which activity and where you are facing issue

@fightblue can you just try upgrading the packages in studio

e.g, use click, it can not locate the item what i want. just indicate anything in website, and then edit selector and open in UiExplorer to change the Uiframeworks to UI Automation, then indicate the item

it is the latest.

Could you Please Elaborate
like with which activity and where you are facing issue, Try Re installing the extensions again @fightblue


If I understood it correctly, thats not a problem. If you able to see the selectors only when changing the Ui Automation in the UiExplorer. It will work in all the environments with the same selectors.

it is inconvincence to do this in every step. so i want to know if what can be set to make it easy.


Open UiExplorer separately (not from UiPath Studio) and enable that UIAutomation option. That will be there till you close UiExplorer for the day.

i open UiPath.Explorer.Launcher.exe directly, but it does not work. i can do every step to change the UIAutomation option, but data scraping failed.
and the uipath version is 20.10.2