Unable to Capture selectors in Internet Explorer - solution

Hi Team,
I saw a thread in the forum about the issue “Unable to Capture selectors in Internet Explorer”
Recently I faced the same issue and after a lot of struggle and Help from Uipath Tech Support team I was able to solve the issue.

Reason for the Cause:
Latest update of windows corrupted the Registry file.


There are two steps in this

  1. Registering the oleacc.dll File
  2. Repairing the IAccessibe Registry Entries ( Just see what is your pc architecture and perform 64 bit steps for 64 bit machine and 32 for 32 bit machine)

if the registry values are same then no need to update, just perform the first step
PLS NOTE: Restart your PC once you perform above steps

It took us close to 60 mail with the support team and 2 meetings and around 2 weeks of time. I just posted for people who face the IE issue in future who think its uipath problem and try to unisntall and re-install Uipath which wont gonna help.

Hope you might save 2 weeks or 60 mails or 2 meetings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @ashley11,
Thank you for sharing this solution! I will move it to category where it will be easier to find.

Thankyou @Pablito forgot to add the url… so added.

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