Selector is not identified in browser after 1 successful process run

Hi Team,

I am trying to automate a process where it needs to select to enter the credentials in browser pop up and then follow the steps as defined in the sequence. I am stuck in bad situation like when i am trying to access the site for the first time, it identifies the selector perfectly but once it is accessed successfully and again i run the process, it does not fill the credential automatically and also does not identify the element. But when i clear the browser history and run it again, it works fine. I have also tried troubleshooting the selector identity but it did not work. Could you please me with this?

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Hi @Inzmamul_Haq,

Have you used wildcard?

Thank you for your reply…
I am wondering why does it run properly in first attempt or after clearing the browsing history after that it does not work…

I have not used wildcard yet. I am not sure if there is anything changing dynamically

This might be because the properties defining html tag has dynamic values. Open UiExplorer and try fine tuning the selector with different properties and parent tag references.
Also can you please paste the selector value that currently you have captured?


Can you show us what is the selector that works the first time and not in the following tries?

After working, have you checked this same selector and confirm they look the same?

Yes, they look same. I don’t understand why it is not identifying the element. How it works sometimes and then it doesn’t

maybe consider using partial selector when inside an attach or open browser and using the selector like this:
<webctrl aaname='Tabular Reports' tag='A' parentclass='closed_tree' />

Challenge what i am facing at the moment is, i do not get to see the elements in UIExplorer so that i can play around with these. However, i have tried to keep elements as you have told but, it is not getting validated

And interesting thing is that it works in the first attempt, once it is access and browser has history of the site, it stops working and when i clear the browser history, it works again…

Selector is pain until i get to know how deal with it.