Element Exists in Get_Trasaction_Data

I completed dispatcher part but it’s not fetching any data and not going to 2nd page of work items. It enters into work items. In output it shows “Process finished due to no more transaction data.”
I guess my selector is not working

HI @Vanitha_Agamin ,
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You need to pass as string in the selector.
"<html app='chrome.exe' title='ACME System 1 - work Items'/> <webctrl aaname='"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString()+"' tag='A'/>"

A better way is the built-in dynamic selector syntax.

<html app='chrome.exe' title='ACME System 1 - work Items'/> <webctrl aaname='{{in_TransactionNumber}}' tag='A' />

Thank you… but I used the above selector

… Still am getting error

I used this dynamic selector… but it is not validating…

Hi @Vanitha_Agamin,
Delete the selector pls paste it again with double quotes.

It’s dynamic one in uiexplorer shows not valid only


ok sir

hI @Vanitha_Agamin

It will Validate only on the runtime



Could you please open it in UiExplorer And share us the screenshot! That we can have more options to get validate the selectors.

In this screenshot the title might be changed.


As it says at the bottom, there is no such variable available. That’s why it won’t validate.

It probably won’t even if the variable existed, because it doesn’t have a value for that variable. You’ll have to run it to see if it works.


Can we try like this:

aaname=‘{{in_TransactionNumber}}’. This may not valid in selector but this will valid in run time.


Hi @Vanitha_Agamin ,

Let’s say that in_TransactionNumber is an Integer datatype argument. If So, You need to create an another variable TransactionNumberStr of type String. Then do the following.

TransactionNumberStr = in_TransactionNumber.ToString using an Assign Activity.

You can then Change the Selector Format as mentioned below :

Old Format :
<html app='chrome.exe' title='ACME System 1 - work Items'/> <webctrl aaname='{{TransactionNumberStr}}' tag='A' />

New format :
<webctrl aaname='{{TransactionNumberStr}}' tag='A' />

The Reason being the Top Selector is a Window Selector which is already added by the Attach Window/Use Browser Activity.

Note that if in_TransactionNumber is already of data type String, then you can directly use it in the Selector instead of using another variable.

Now, If you do know the Transaction Number value, you can Test the Selector against the UI Element by Assigning the Default Value in the arguments/Variables Panel

Then Click on the Validate to Check if it is Valid.

Let us know what is the outcome.

This selector is working now. Thank you @supermanPunch

Am getting selector error in on element exixts

Is this selector for “click next page exists” activity correct.