Selector error in assignment 2

Assignment 2 completed everything runs fine for first time for new transaction it is getting the error mentioned in the image. Anyone tell me the way to overcome of it. Thanks in advance.

As per the screenshot, it is not detecting the save as option, refer this post @madhan5

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I’ve checked and everything but one transaction success and second transaction fail third transaction fail. I don’t know where I made a mistake. Help me out last 5 days I’m working on it but there is no solution i got

Can you post the selector of that activity which the process is failing? @madhan5

i’ve not met this problem before but @HareeshMR 's topic is good way to solve, else ensure your wait for ready is set to complete and have a delaybefore setting under common set to 2000 and try to run again. and you can try toggling the simulate click or send windows message


@HareeshMR n @MythicGold thanks for the help . Finally completed the assignment 2 and got advanced training certificate also :blush::relaxed:

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