Level 3 assignment 2 issue

hi my ui path academy assignment 2 is not working properly .it is doing transaction one successful but transaction 2 is failed it is going into that loop .and giving me save button selector issue

.but i think if there is selector issue for transaction 2 then there should be selector issue for transaction 1.but transaction 1 is getting successful.please help me out

Hey @varun5

Based on the error what I can understand is that this is a selector issue. I bet that you are getting this error at the point you want to download the file right?

So in IE, the download pop up appears at the bottom. You need to check whether the pop up appeared.
If appeared, the click on the down arrow and then click on save as…

So just make sure these steps are covered in yours.
Also, try checking the selectors again. There might be parts that change time to time and that could be the reason for it to work the first time and not the second

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could you screenshot the workflow activity where it went wrong after you ran it in debug mode including the selector?