Selector error pop up

Need help
While running project sometime it working properly but sometime this pop up not working only blinking and then it shows selector error any help

Hi @Mayur_Pawar! Please take a look over Assignment 2 save as selector create yearly report
Should help you solve the problem!

set delay before to 2000
set waitforready to complete
add a 3 seconds delay before click

and u r set


Check Simluate Type or SendWindowMessage fields in properties of that Click activity and then check it.

not working @MythicGold

tried but not working @lakshman


Could you please post screenshot of your error . So that we can check and let you what is the exact error.

This notification bar is only blinking for alternate transaction. for example 1 transaction successfully save but for 2 transaction it didn’t save the file and again for 3 transaction it works.even if the selector were same for all transaction and i used same click activity

hey Any suggestion ? @lakshman


I don’t know why it is failing for alternate transactions and it should work for all.

If you help me with error screenshot and so that I can help you.

yeah sure

see this is what I’m getting for 1 transaction it works and for 2nd transaction it didn’t again for 3rd it works…please help