Level3 Assign2 performer_ (System1_CreateYearlyReport) syntax error while saving the report

please solve the query
I have attached the screenshot below, after completing the transaction 1 successfully, it is showing error on click activity for transaction 2.
I have checked the selector, validated several times still in 2nd transaction, it throws error in saving file.

Kindly ensure that the selector takes dynamic attribute values
Like get the selector in first page and also in second page
Compare them and find the dynamic part of selector and replace that attribute value with wild cards like for example aaname = ‘*’

Cheers @ajeet

thanks for your response, but there is no dynamic content here in the selector,
i have tried by indicating it several times it work perfectly for 1st and give error in second transaction.

I am using selector for highlighted part in attached image.

see below


Remove title and cls attribute from selector and then try once.

Is that click kept inside attach window or attach browser because we are using that in a browser
Kindly place it inside any of this and try once
Cheers @ajeet

Please check this topic for the same which will help you to solve @ajeet

kindly try the selector below

Hope it works to you!, Regards

Thanks for the suggestion, its not working after 1st transaction.
I am just not getting whats the reason.

Thanks for the response,
same i am using, its not working.