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Hi guys

I’m going to make a robot that searches XML files for download always from the previous day, and it has to do this in 3 options of a dropdown list, how do I make it repeat the search for all options in the dropdown list?
I saw that the Select Item activities works for the drop down list.

then it will search by date select an option from the dropdown list and download the result and that for each option from the dropdown.


If you know the 3 options, then you can store them in a list. Iterate through the list and give the list value as input to the select item activity.

It should work

thank you for the help
I’m moving forward, follow your suggestion and create a list with the 3 options and I used “For Each Row”.
Now I just need to make him type in the search always the date of the previous day

HI @Rodrigo_Buch

After the Select the item from the drop down.

You need to enter the periodo inicial & periodo final value Right?

You need to enter the previous date.

If Yes

Use Type into Activity

Indicated the periodo inicial Field


dd-MM-yyyy → Based on you format you can change

As same as periodo final




Gokul Balaji

It worked! the robot is practically finished, now where do I see a more specific article to put it into production?

I’m using the UiPath Community and I plan to put the robot on a machine on my local network.

Hello @Rodrigo_Buch,

You have to use Orchestrator.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

HI @Rodrigo_Buch

Do you have License?

Kindly close this topic and create an new topic for this query other user may confused


Thank you Angel

I managed to publish my robot.

Tank you Gokul.
You’re right, I’m closing the topic.

HI @Rodrigo_Buch

Apology for asking you have marked solution to your reply !

Could you mark solution to my post!


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