Get information from excel and select it from dropdown

hello guys im having a difficulty and would appreciate if you could help me.
i have an excel file that includes day names such as monday, tuesday.
i also have an html page that has one dropdown consists of days of a week.
i need robot to read the data from excel file and select the same option from the dropdown in my html page.
for ex; if the data in the excel is wednesday, the robot is going to choose the wednesday option in dropdown and is going to submit.


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  1. use Read Range activity to read the data from Excel file and will give you output as dataTable and say it ‘DT’.
  2. use For Each Row activity to iterate that DataTable.
  3. use Select Item activity to select item from drop down menu and pass value as: row(“ColumnDay”).Tostring

thank you for replying.

I’m not having difficulty in getting data from excel but select item activity is not working properly. I mean when i click my combo box i get an error “this control doesnt support selected item”. what can be the reason? if im not clear, i can share photos

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That error means that the UI element isn’t a dropdown box so you won’t be able to use the select item activity.

Use a click activity instead to click on the box to display the options. Then have a second click activity to click the item you need from the list

if you can see the picture my dropdown is the ui element that writes “campylobacter”. there are options like that. the page is local. can that be a logical reason?

Buddy @mtalhabalci

Once after clicking the dropdown button, does it take key inputs from keyboard, like if i type monday after clicking drop down button, is it going to monday…so after that we can press enter so that monday will get selected

this can be done similarly in uipath like sendhotkeys and type into activity buddy
Cheers @mtalhabalci

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im not sure if i got your question clearly. im gonna share two select item activities that one is working and the other is not. the dropdown of facebook is working where mine is not.
in facebooks example when i change the input value, the dropdowns value changes.
but in my dropdown i cant even get that small picture.

Buddy what i am asking is when you click on the dropdown button and when you type any keys like monday, is the monday option is getting selected in dropdown…?
Cheers @mtalhabalci

no, it is not happening and im asking why is it not happening :slight_smile: when i click dropdown after clicking “indicate element inside browser” im directly getting error “this control doesnt support selected item”…


As you said, Select Item activity is not working here.

Instead of that use two click activities. One for clicking drop down field and another one is for selecting item from list. For second click activity give delay before 1 or 2 sec. and also make selector dynamic.


Yes, Select Item activity won’t support some applications.

i deployed the html page to azure, now select item activity is working properly. thanks for your supports.