Selecting a row based on the value of two columns in the web page

Hi everyone,

With a html list below, how could I select a row based on the value of two columns?

I am handling a web list similar to the list above.
I have to select (by checking the leftmost checkbox) the row that matches my values for column A and column B.
ex. ColumnA = contractNo, ColumnB = processMonth
When the checkbox is selected, a CSV download button will be activated and I would be able to download the said row’s CSV. My main goal is to download the related CSV for that selected row. I will do this process for all contract No in a specific month

However I cannot find any unique selectors for the table cells, except the row’s style px.

<div class="ui-widget-content slick-row even" style="top: 0px;"></div>
<div class="ui-widget-content slick-row even active" style="top: 50px;"></div>

*The web page does not have filtering options (so I cannot isolate the row needed)
*I tried using Ctrl-F to highlight one value, but I do not know how I can use it for finding the right selector.

Hoping for your guidance. :pray:
Thank you so much (as always)

@marci080 I have attached workflow please go through and let me know.Main.xaml (21.7 KB)

Mahaling Patil

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Hi @MahalingPatil, thank you so much for your support and effort to create a sample workflow. Somehow I understood the logic and syntax used. I will try the same approach using the actual web page and will let you know (by tomorrow) about the result. :bowing_woman:


Hi @MahalingPatil, update on this. I tried the same approach but I am encountering an ActivityTimeout error. The same happens when I use your provided xaml to my sample html. I am trying to solve it by myself first. Hopefully it goes well.

Hi @MahalingPatil

Since the chrome extension of UiPath is being blocked inside our client’s office, I was not able to test this with Chrome until now. I tried your XAML with my home PC and it worked.

Upon my investigation, it seems that with IE (the only allowed browser in our client’s office), the scraped text is different from the Chrome result.

IE result
[A B C D E Row 0 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Row 8 Row 9 Row 10 Row 11 Row 12 Row 13 Row 14 Row 15 Row 16 Row 17 Row 18]

Chrome result
[A B C D E
Row 0
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Row 7
Row 8
Row 9
Row 10
Row 11
Row 12
Row 13
Row 14
Row 15
Row 16
Row 17
Row 18 ]

It seems that there is no innerText element generated from IE. Instead there is an aaname but the format is above.
Do you have any suggestion on how to approach this?
Thank you so much.

@marci080 could you added values to columnB and ColumnC? if not add,then try to scrape the table.

Mahaling Patil

Hi @MahalingPatil

I used DataScraping, but initially, I always generate blank table when I scrape all columns present in the table.
Unexpectedly, I got all the data in one column when I only selected the ContractNo column (see below for the format of generated data). I settled with this and just used loop to build/arrange my own datatable.

Sample output format:




so on

Thank you so much for your guidance!
Bless you!