Filter table row based on column value

Hi Guys,

Below is my requirement and can any one help me in building the logic for this.I would need sample xaml for getting the rows based on column value and then click on the column value.

I belive we need to use for each activity and filter the rows using select and I am not sure on how to use them in UiPath. I have gone through the forum posts and I am not clear on using those.

Attached sample excel file to take it as source and then build the logic.

  1. I have done data scraping on a web table and the output is stored as datatable ( say 11 rows and 4 columns)
  2. For each row i need to check the value in a column( 2nd column). If value exists in the column, I need to click on column value else i need to skip that row. No value is shown as ‘-’
  3. After clicking on the column value, it redirects to next page and again there also i need to check the rows based on one of the column value. If the column value matches, we need to capture the entire row and put it as output

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Hi @vishal.kumar,

So what I understand is , you will scrap data from one web page and put that in excel in rows and columns.

If there is some value in column 2 , u wanna put that in variable lets say A1.

Now u wud like to goto a next web page , where again u wud scrap data and put that in excel file.

Now you wud like to get the value in 2nd Column of the excel file and store it in variable lets say A2.

Finally match them , Is that what you mean ??

In this case , pleas try this :slight_smile:

use " for each row" activity and iterate through the data table (the data table that u got after scrapping data)

Now use " Get Row Item" activity and on right hand side specify the column index as 1
reason - col index 0 = 1st col and col index 1 = 2nd column.
Put Output attribute = second_col_value

and use msg box activity where type in second_col_value

you will be able to see that all the 2nd column data will be displayed as it will iterate through each row.

Now put a condition that if that second value contain Integer then store it in a variable A1.

Similarly do the same thing with next web page

→ scrap data → put it in data table → iterate through each row → for each row get corresponding col 2 value and store it in Variable A 2 and match A1 and A2

Try this my friend :slight_smile:

Hope that helps

Hi @prassin6

I could able to filter the rows based on column value. Now i need help in capturing the entire row which satisfies the filter condition. I want to write all the filtered rows into excel or word. Can you please help me ?

Vishal Kumar

That sounds good :slight_smile:

Follow this :slight_smile:



Here the Datatable pending_DT is the one that I have used un read range activity

Hi Guys,
i have attached one html table , in that table i need to check first Confirmation statement and Annual return description names based on that i need to download pdf from view pdf link …plese help me iam new to ui path