Select the certain web-element respective to some conditions

Hi guys,

I have an usecase
I’m working on QDA Tool ,

Which show some 3 columns of data for example
s:no edition details
1 2 hi
2 7 hello
3 7 message
4 8 empty

and so on
here i want to click the row edition no which is 7 only one by one up to how many sevens are there for example 10 data’s will be there with edition of 7. i want to perform click operation on that row with all the 10 fields with seven one by one.

help me with some logic!!!

thanks in advance;


Hi @Sriram07
Can i have a view on this table in your QDA Tool, if possible buddy
The reason is we need to check how this can be accessed with a click activity

No bro I cant share any screenshots coz of some restriction in organisation.

If i click that data will be selected that’s it
in excel if we click that row will be selected right !!

Hi @Sriram07 -
You can refer below workflow where I have done the same thing -
SelectSpecificRowsFromAWebTableBasedOnSomeCondition.xaml (15.7 KB)

To give you some brief about this -
I had a table on the web page as shown in the image - image and I had to select all the work items with Type “WI2”.
The steps I followed were -

  1. Extract the table using data scraping
  2. Count the total number of rows in the data table
  3. Filter the data table as per your condition
  4. For each row in the filtered table, check if the RowId of the table in the web page matches with the RowId of the filtered table.
  5. If yes, then perform some logic and move on to the next row in the filtered table
  6. If no, then check for another row in the table on the web page.

Hope this helps!


would you please explain from the step “Assigning that RowId = 2 and the rest”
Then i no need select all the WI2 at once i want to select one by one.
Can you explain simply

To make the selector for click activity dynamic, I have created a variable ‘RowId’ and then incremented it if the WIID was not found (else part) -

As per your application, you will have to make selectors dynamic.
The do-while loop is to perform the 4th step mentioned above. Get text will get the WIID of the table row in the web page and if condition will verify whether the WIID of the table row in the web page matches with the WIID of the filtered table.
This method will select the rows one by one.

Yeah Thanks !!

Another issue like
i have assigned the valid selector to the string var and i’m trying to pass that but its not working how can i do that.
its not showing the suggestions also and its not working

Try giving a space after "+, you will get suggestions.

Thank you!
rowId = 2;
is there right,
what it means


Look at the selector in the above image. You see there is a variable called RowId. As the RowId changes, rows will be selected accordingly.
In my case, the first row had RowId = 2, so I had to initialize RowId to 2 and then increment if there was no match.

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Thanks @VinitaD

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