Unable to select the row of a table in web application

We have an application, which has a table with 2 columns with check box and some data in the column 1 and only data in the column 2, we need to check the box for the respective row(based on some conditions) in column 1. The selector is same for the complete table.
We are able to select the row but unable to select/check the box for the respective row.

The basic principles of DHTML is when there are more than one control with the same name/id, it creates an array, SO in this case also may be a array of check boxes is created, so you need to know the row number of the check box to check/uncheck.

Not sure about the exact syntax, but logic is correct.

myChkbox = document.getElementsByName(“myCheckBoxName”);
myChkbox(row).checked = true

Hi , actually we tried inspecting the elements. Those are very dynaic.