Issue with Select Item Activity in Dropdown List

I’m encountering an issue with the “Select Item” activity in UiPath Studio. The dropdown list I’m working with contains more than 10 items, but only 7 are initially visible. The remaining items become visible when the list is scrolled down. However, the “Select Item” activity only recognizes and allows selection of the items that are currently visible on the screen.

I need assistance in finding a solution for this problem. Is there a way to select items from the dropdown list that are not immediately visible? How can I handle this situation in UiPath Studio?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @Aman_Tiwari

In certain Automations, where we are getting a value at runtime which is to be inserted in the DropDown, I have oftenly used Type Into activity, and that has worked for me.

You can try that.


Hi @Aman_Tiwari

Please use the select item activity in UiPath studio and indicate the field so that all the options will be appeared in the activity in studio and select the option u wanted to select the option from that activity.



Hi @Aman_Tiwari

If the desired item is not visible on the dropdown list, you may need to scroll through the list to bring it into view. To achieve this, you can combine the use of the “Scroll OCR Text” activity with the “Click Text” activity.

  • Use the “Scroll OCR Text” activity to scroll down the dropdown list by providing a reference text element that is visible. For example, you can use the last visible item on the list.
  • After scrolling, use the “Click Text” activity again to click on the desired item that is now visible.



Couple of ways

  1. first try clicking on it and scroll till the end using mouse scroll and then try using select item activity…if the list is loding completwy with scroll then this would work
  2. If there is a type option…first type the value and when list narrows down use a click activity with innertext property as variable and pss the required item name to innertext
  3. if no type option then click to open now use a while do while loop inside use check app state to check for the required list item again innertext would be use as a variable…and if not found on the else side of check app state use mouse scroll and condition can be left as true with max iteration value as 20 or so

Hope this helps