Select item from dropdow


How do I click the item - “Generate Report” from dropdown. Dropdown appears on Mouse Hover, not by clicking.

Kindly provide the solution

Hi Nidhi,
Can you share more detail on what type of dropdown you are using? Some screenshot would help


Hi @nidhi.kowalli,

Try using a Select Item activity to get your dropdown item

If ‘Select Item’ is not working (this happens sometimes unfortunately) you can also break it down in the steps you just described:

Activity ‘Hover’ to do the mouse-over thing, followed by a regular ‘click’ on the item to be selected.

Capturing the second selector can be achieved by pressing F2 during selection to be able to perform the manual mouse over before capturing the item for the second activity.

As i see in the image, a better way of clicking is using navigate to url cause this is menu dropdown

I cannot use click activity. Because I cannot indicate it on screen as m using MOUSE HOVER to get the dropdown


There are multiple options to choose from drop down

Refer this thread for more ideas
And try with those

Try with Find Children activity

Cheers @nidhi.kowalli

Hi @nidhi.kowalli

Please refer this post think it is similar to your query,


You can, it just requires a minor different approach…

Create a blank script activity…
→ select item on screen (en find your page)
Now… press F@. This will give you a few seconds to perform UI actions before selecting anything. You see a small countdown bottom right of the screen. IN this time period, hover over your menu.

Now you can record the click on the folded out selection menu and capture your element.

→ if this works it is even cleaner of course…