Select an item from a combobox in a web browsing session

Hi everyone!
I’m very new with UIPath and need help to automate the selection of a specified item from a combobox (the first one on the picture below). I tried with “Type into” and then “Send hotkey” with key “enter” activities, but they don’t work, because it’s not allowed to write in the field. Neither “click” activity works, because UIPath does’t recognize the element. I modified selectors several times, but without solving.
Could someone help me, please? I absolutely have to do it for my job.
Thank you.

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Did you try Select Item activity ?

Yes, I did, but I had this error message: “This control does not support select item”.

a dropdown can be also different in its internals (others as simple select & options)

give a try on a 2 click action

  • first click - expand the dropdown
  • second click - select option by using a dynamic selector for the value

Feel free to share with us somed details on the element details. e.g. from UiExplorer / Browser f12 Webtools

I clicked on the arrow and then tried to select the item as you said, but something went wrong and I don’t understand what. Below the errror message, element details and selector editor.
Thank you


Don’t give delay after first Click activity ? And also drop down is expanding after first Click activity execution ?

Deleted delay, but same error.
Yes, the dropdown is expanding after the first click.


Remove the parentid attribute from the selector and then check it once.

You would at first setup the selectors in a way that it will be reliable and general enough.

parent Selector fails with 99& as on the end of URL the token is different: e4s1 vs e2s1
about the click on the element, we do need more details from the uiExplorer.
Have a check if the Item is a span element and show us details for this. Thanks

Using wildcards, for example? Any suggestion about it?
For the item: I’ll check.

in such cases we check what is the best choice title, url maybe windowname (less often used in projects) and then check where it can be wildcarded if it is needed

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