Hyperlink dropdown selectors is unavailable when I indicate the element

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I have one scenario.In one of the web application, i need to click on sublink then one dropdown will appear,in that dropdown i need to click on particular name so that other screen will appear. The problem here is i am unable to indicate dropdown list or one of the name in the list. I should not use hotkeys fr this solution. Can anyone help me with the above scenario. Thanks in advance.

To capture the drop down list first you need to click capture the button under that the values exists, again take the click activity and indicate the element and press F4 to give the delay in case the dropdown is getting hide once you will press F4 you will get 3 secs delay in that time you can again click on the parent element and capture the drop down element.

If I capture dropdown elements, selector is not available for that dropdown element.

selector is not available or you are unable to capture it ?

Selector is not available.

The drop down list values are static or that are also changing ?
If static you can go with the image automation like you can use image click activity

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Thanxs i will try

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The delay is F2 not F4

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Click Indicate from your activity, press F2 to pause, while the clock is counting down, click the pulldown, when the clock ends click the item. Don’t move your mouse off the pulldown during this process.

If that doesn’t work, before pressing F2, press F6 for hoverable element detection and see if that helps.

If none of this works, you’ll have to write your selector manually. This isn’t very difficult, assuming it’s a web page. Inspecting the HTML to find the properties of the elements is easy, and then you just write the selector manually.

Is it a public web page you can give us the URL for?

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