Select item activity is not showing drop down list?

By using select item activity i am unable to get the drop down list.



Select Item activity will always select the dropdown item without clicking that

all it need is the match of the drop down item

If select item is not working then you have to use Click activity and build the dynamic selector to select the options

Hope this will help you


Hi @Shakti_Singh

try click on the arrow icon and click on respective value OR make use of Type Into.

Thank you.

Hi Jobin,

I Tried Still its not showing


a dropdown (we assume here webapplications / webpages) can occur in different types:

  • select/options
  • textfield/datalist
  • web frameworks composing select/options/textfield/ul/li items

ensure in a first iteration that:

  • dropdown is of a type of select/options
  • the selector of select item is targeting properly the select element

You can use like below. It’s working for me.

In the selector, aaname should be dynamic. Just replace it with a variable.(It could be Open/Rejected/Completed)

Thank you.