Click Activity: Can't Indicate Target On Screen


I am new here to UIPath and trying to automate a simple web function. I can open Google Chrome to a specific URL, and click on an item I have set with an anchor.

In order to click the next item, the first item needs to be clicked on screen. So, as soon as I click “indicate target on screen” within UIPath Studio, the option I need to select goes away.

Any suggestions?



Hi @Brett_Johnson

Please check if it works for you,

Click Indicate on screen , press F2 it will pause the selection for 3 seconds at that time click the first button and place the cursor on the next button when it appears, once the indication resumes without moving the cursor click it.


That was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

@Brett_Johnson Glad your issue is resolved, please mark my answer as solution and close the thread so it may be useful to others in the future.


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