Select item does not work for me!



I have an excel automation process underway. Here I have to save the excel file as a csv.

In the process, I click on ‘Save As’ and then use Select Item Activity to click on type "CSV (Comma delimited) ". When I do this, the activity does not accept this value and as a result, the file gets saved as default Excel workbook again.

All other steps above and below the entire process are working fine.

Can someone please help?

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Select item working fine for me.
How ever you could save using excel as csv by using write csv activity by passing the existing datatable.


Hi Dilip,

Thanks, have tried write CSV, but it is overrdung some specfic format changes that I have done in the excel that I need when it writes into csv.

Manually, the only option that works is the Save As. That is why I went to the recording option.

Can you please share a sample xaml file of the activity Select Item that is working fine?
I am basically not able to get the activity to accept the specified input.



Hi there @sarikaaggarwal,
While you can get ‘Select Item’ working with the ‘Excel Save As’ window, I find it easier to used a dynamic selector.

Testing - Save As.xaml (18.6 KB)

The above example will demonstrate this, it basically opens the ‘Save As Combo Box’, selects the item, then saves.



This is awesome! it works!!! Thank you so much!


Hi there @sarikaaggarwal ,
If you are happy with the result, would you please mark the response as the solution :slight_smile:



Sure :slight_smile: @Mr_JDavey