Save excel as .csv


I need to save excel as csv.

Firstly I used move file activity but the .csv file I get is not actually .csv but only looks like.
Then I tried to use selectors and go into save as but then the file is still saved as .xls :frowning:

any idea how to do this?


Hi ,

The Excel can be read (Read Range) and again write into CSV (Write CSV)

Happy Automation:)

Hi @jeyekij306

Use Read range workbook and get it as a datatable and write using write Csv activities



it worked to point.

When I look at column A where should be some numbers for example 123456789 in the .csv file have “II”. Any idea why?

I might be due to the Values in any one of the previous columns which contains \n.

The select item that you are using is not reflected in excel .

  1. Type into activity to type Filename and Tab Along with it (This contains selector of filename )
  2. Type into activity without selector : Type c and again tab in it .
  3. Click save button .