Problem selecting item "Select Item"

Hello community, i have a problem and i don’t know what it can be. The problem is when i’m going to save my file.csv i put my name and with the activity Select Item i choose “Libro de Excel (*.xlsx)” but no matter that Tipo (Type) is right uipath try to save it as .csv

For test i already have a .csv named same as the field that i’m triying to save

I even try to do this with clic activity and result it’s the same :confused: even if .xlsx is selectd uipath try to saved as .csv (original extension)

Some ideas ?

@naotosx Try with select item activity if it doesn’t work try below method it may work.

  1. Open your file.
  2. Click on File option in top left corner of excel.
  3. After that click on export option.
  4. Under export option click on change file type option
  5. select required file type and the click on save as option.
  6. Then you will get window same as above,give appropriate path for saving the file and click on save option.

I know it is not much feasible solution for ur problem, For time being u can use it.


You literally save my life :smiley: thanks very much :blush: . What i couln’t do in one day you solved for me in 1 minute haha. I din’t know that i could save with export

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@naotosx ur welcome bro

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