Error with the "select item" in excel

good afternoon
my goal in this workflow is to change the format from excel to txt, but when I use select item to extract the menu of formatting options

and supposedly select the txt format and I give it save keep it in xlsx format, and I don’t understand why if it changes to txt

and tried to use the clicks but does not correctly detect the format menu
I hope you can help me

Prueba de Formato.xaml (19.8 KB)

Use Below point for this:

  • Using Read Range activity read the excel as datatable
  • Then Using Output DataTable Activity convert the datatable in text
  • Then use Write Text File activty to write in txt.

Hope it will work!!
cheers @borismh



I get that way

I want it to go out like this


do you have any idea to solve this problem?

I want to return the excel in a delimited text like the one in the image

@borismh I have had trouble using the ‘select item’ activity with any windows save as dialog boxes. Instead I would use a click activity on the dropdown, a type into activity that will match which one you choose followed by an enter key (e.g. typing “texto (del” + [enter] would select the Texto (delimitado por tabulaciones) (*.txt) option), then another click activity on the save button.

You can try using SimulateType/SimulateClick and SendWindowsMessages for the clicks and typing, but I’ve had various troubles using those for the save as dialog boxes. I tend to stick to the standard input for save as dialog boxes for that reason.



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Based on the screenshot it looks like the desired output does not have a delimiter, but is instead just visually spaced so it looks similar to an excel table. It looks like it is getting a max character count for each column in excel, then creating a text file where each column contains the original value + however many spaces it needs to reach the max count for that column. I’m not really sure what that output type is called or how to easily replicate it, so I think it’d be best to just let excel do it’s thing by using the save as dialog box like the OP is attempting.

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