Select Item activity does not give the expected results

Hi Team, @Palaniyappan, @HareeshMR

This is regarding the select activity in UiPath.

In my project I am converting the .xls file to .xlsx file. As per my understanding, we need to open the excel(.xls) and save it as excel(.xlsx) to achieve this.
Note:- It asks for filename and save as type.

When I am opening the .xls file, I am able to type the file name, but when I am using the select item activity to select the (Excel Workbook), I am able to see it on the GUI but it is not reflected on the file after I click save button.

As a end result, I am getting the resultant file to be random extension (based on the previously used save as type extension).

Please suggest. Also let me know if we have some other approach to change the .xls file to .xlsx file.

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may i know what method we are using here to change the file extension
we can try MOVE FILE activity
Cheers @hacky


but when I do that the file is being corrupted. I guess it is not recommended to directly change extension in the move file activity.

Hi @hacky
You can try this



This worked, thank you very much buddy!!!

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