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I am new member in UiPath :slight_smile:
The is a case I have to select a value from drop down I have to type a value manually then it displays the result then I have to select the one from the result…

See example…

Please can anyone help me on that!

Hi Hanan Saad,

You can use Type Into activity to type the course that you want to select, usually it’s better to type the entire text. For a human might be easier to just type the starting of the text and then select from the drop drown, but for the robot there is no problem in typing the entire text.

Then you need to Click on the course that you want, let’s assume “Level 3 - Advanced Training”. I recommend to improve the selector for the click activity, to include the aaname property. Basically, it will instruct the robot to click on the control with the text “Level 3 - Advanced Training”, exactly what a human will do.

As a best practice, the Type Into and Click activities should be inside an Attach Browser (or Open Browser) activity.

Please check the attached workflow. SearchCourse.xaml (7.2 KB)



Thanks @Silviu for your help…I did exactly what you said but still Im getting an error in click activity
I put the both the click and Type into activities inside attach browser …
and edited the selector for the click activity…

please find below screenshot

Can you help…

I can guess that the “-16” part in the parentid property is dynamic. Replace it with a wildcard (*) and try again. Your selector should look like "<webctrl parentid=“muhammad-qureshi*” tag=… ". Or you can remove entirely the parentid property and see if it’s working.


@Silviu You are hero :wink: … thank you so much …
its working fine !

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