Selection From Excel + Identifying the value on webpage + Clicking it


Friends, this is the flow of activities that I intend to do on Uipath. I want the robot to check for values in ExceI and on the webpage and then click on the ones that match. I have tried select item, type into and also usage of selectors. But nothing Worked. Please suggest a way out.

Hello @Aditya_Bhalerao,
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I think this should look like this:

  1. Read range activity to keep data in DataTable
  2. Exclude particular item from DataTable using loop (For each row)
  3. Use Click activity to check if selectors have something similar to the item (like ‘aaname’) what can be used in the selector.
  4. Assign each item from excel to the variable.
  5. Use Click activity including variable as a dynamic selector to click what is needed.
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Hi @Aditya_Bhalerao

I have created workflow based on your requirement go through that workflow it will help you. (8.0 KB)

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Thanks @Pablito, it worked like charm.

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Thanks a lot @kommijeevan for creating a workflow. Much appreciated.