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Hello All,
I need to select the dropdown list. Please help me with this issue.


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have you tried with select Item activity

if not try with that activity(select item activity)
hope this helps

Hi @isbsrobot2

Have you Tried with Select Item activity ?

The “Select Item” activity in UiPath is used to select an item from a dropdown or combo box in a graphical user interface (GUI) application.


Use “get attribute activity” in the attribute use “visibleInnerText” or “InnerText” text


I need select all dropdown one-by-one.


Store the Get attribute data in a string variable
Take an array variable
arr_var=InputString.Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray(), StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
Take for each loop
So that you get one item at a time


Use Find Childern activity.


  1. Use a “Click” activity or another appropriate interaction activity to open the dropdown list. This will simulate clicking on the dropdown to reveal the list of options.
  2. Create a list or an array variable that contains the items you want to select from the dropdown.
  3. Drag and drop a “For Each” activity into your Sequence. Configure the loop to iterate through the list of items
  4. Place the “Select Item” activity inside the loop.
  • Configure the “Select Item” activity to select the item from the dropdown using the current item from the list as the value to select.
  • Ensure that you provide an appropriate delay or waiting time if needed

Open Dropdown
Create a list of items to select (e.g., [“Item 1”, “Item 2”, “Item 3”])
For Each item in the list:
Select Item (item)
Optional: Add a delay/wait


Use the “Find Element” or “Find Element” activity to locate the dropdown element on the web page. You can use various methods like selectors, attributes, or visual cues to identify the dropdown.


then use find children activity to find all the elements of the dropdown

use for each for the output of findchildren
inside use get attribute and pass the currentitem in the properties of the get attribute

below get attribute use select item activity and pass the output of get attribute to selectitem


Hi @isbsrobot2

You can use the Select Item activity to select one option from the dropdown.
Drag and drop the select item activity to the design panel, indicate the dropdown in the website.

Hope it helps!!