Searching project for console text

I often find the universal search to be inadequate. If I am running a process on a large project and want to immediately find where in the code printed out a log statement to console, how can I easily find it? The search only seems to search annotation related marks and not the actual log statement itself.

Maybe I need to start indicating the file in each log print, but that sounds tedious. Maybe a custom activity could help? Any thoughts?

Additionally sometimes I’ll see an error to something of this nature " Assign: failed" but it again has no way to search to find it unless I go through and give each Assign activity a unique header name next to “Assign”. Is there a way to make a custom activity or something to automatically add a unique searchable value (or just copy the variable name in header) for me to save the time waste?

Perhaps I’ll just have to wait until the powers at be stumble across the brilliant idea to just add a control click function to console output to immediately take me to that location.

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lets go one by one

i hope we can search with the log statement as well, in the universal search which would direct us to the log message activity using that statement

i do agree with that and thats a good practice to name a activity followed by a unique number so that if its failing and shown in exception, then we can search with that activity name in specific

may be a custom activity would help as you, interesting…WELL you can even mention in this ideas in our forum, its indeed a good idea

cheers @rankifyhc

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Thanks for the tips!

Unfortunately, however, UiPath never granted my account access to “User voice” or “RPA Dev Advanced” forums despite my completion of the RPA certification, so I am unable to :frowning:

I’m also shocked that this many people are productive using UiPath with this poor of a search feature. I loose countless hours a day trying to find a specific location in code! I miss the days I used to code in Java when search was easy and I could read logic without all these containers in containers with lines going every which way… Rant over.

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no worries
its us who we need to get the badge on that note and forum wont be able to know unless we let them know that
for that register as per the instructions here

welcome, join the club
Cheers @rankifyhc

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I have created a suggestion for these features. If anyone seeing this agrees please up vote there or it wont get attention:


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