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What is UiPath Graduate?
RPA Developer - FoundationTraining
UiPath Graduateになるには?
How can I become a "Robot Master"
Badges for completing ui path certification

Today i got my diploma certificate


I have completed my certification, please add me to the group.


I have completed .


Hi, I ave completed my certification . So, Please add me in the group


Hey, just got my diploma as well :slight_smile:



I have completed certification diploma. Please add me to this group


I have completed the certification program. Thanks!


Completed…Add me also plz.



Hi! Just joined the forum but I’ve had my certificate for a couple months now. I’d like to be added.




Can you please add me as well as I have cleared the exam.




Hello guys,
is it possible to add me too? Just passed the foundation training with test.

Thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:



how do you mean “join”? Since I see only Members and their acitivities … :slight_smile:


Hi Team,

I got certified just yesterday. Please allow me to join the group. Thank you.


Hello, can you add me too. Thank you



I request you to add me to this group. I have completed diploma yesterday.



Hi, I have the diploma, can you add me to the group, please?


Got the diploma!

Thanks, regards,
Karlis Pulmanis


I have passed the RPA developer - foundation training. Can you please add?