Universal search in UiPath Studio

I would like to know how to search for a piece of code in UiPath studio. Let’s say, I want to find out all instances I have used an activity, or have logged a certain message. How to do that? The GUI nature of the project makes it seem impossible to do so, however it is very inconvenient / inefficient to quickly search and navigate

Hy @ui_xpath,

I suggest you use the outline pane, next to te properties tab.
It will display a diagram with all your project activities

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Thanks. hmm, that is not really what i want (this is not the same as universal search). The outline pane only list the activities of one single workflow, at least from what i can see

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I probably did not get the question, but does not CTRL+F (universal search) meet your needs ? It does search along all the files in your project.