'Find activities' feature for Studio

I would like to be able to search my workflow for a specific text. Result would present activites that include this. Especially the name of the activity, but perhaps also annotations, variables or code string. Selecting a hit would navigate me directly to this activitiy as if I would have clicked through the flow manually down to this place.

Are you using 2017 edition ?
Universal Search
To help RPA developers create and edit automations faster, a new Universal Search feature has been implemented, facilitating searching for activities, variables, arguments, imports and Library snippets all in one place. The Universal Search enables the user to find anything contained in the Activities, Libraries, Project and Designer panels of Studio.

Yes I am. And I just found the search now up in the right corner :slight_smile:

Since this is located right next to the help button, I considered this to be a search feature connected to that. Perhaps it should be placed near the workspace to be more clear? Beeing that high up hides it a bit and associates it more with the “application” UiPath rather than my active project.

Thanks for helping out!