Universal search improvement and ideas

The universal search is inadequate as-is.


-It is currently not possible to search console log output in the universal search to find that section of code that printed it. You can only search activity names.

-After adding a new activity I must manually make the title name unique if I hope to ever find it on an error. Why cant this be automatic?


-Anything that gets printed to the Output Pane should have a way (control +click?) to go straight to the code location that caused that output. Or at minimum be searchable if its hard coded text in the project.

-New activities should be given a more specific title name by default to save me the hastle of adding it on every activity (Very Tedious!). For example either a searchable unique key or appending with code from its activity once entered. You can make this feature an advanced config setting to turn on if its subjective. Example:

Automatically make this:


or automaticly change this title from this:

to this:

code for dev to add once user typing looses focus:

defualtName= “If”;
currentActivityName = getTitle();

if (currentActivityName == defualtName && conditionText != “”){
setTitle(defualtName + ": " + conditionText);

Additionally, search only searches currently open files. Would be nice to have some options on the search. Search all files, search current file, search all open files, etc.


Hi @rankifyhc,
Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.