Search Text in WebPage and click on it


How to Search Text in WebPage and click on it ?
I have found the following Link, it’s not working for me and it’s Closed ( can’t ask more questions ).
Link : Find/Search a text in web page and click on it

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What you would like click in your case buddy
Were you able to choose that as individual element
Cheers @hsendel

Dear Palaniyappan,
Please find in attachement an example where I want to access UiPath forum and need to click on " Ask in Your Language" Item. ThxExample.xaml (8.8 KB)

@hsendel please try - Click Text Activity . Mention the text as a variable or hard coded.

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Dear Arun,I try it but I got the following :

You have selected the element in browser? doesnt seem so. click on Indicate Element inside browser and manually click on the text you want to click. That text will auto populate in your activity post which you can modify that to ClickItem variable

use send hot key event(Ctrl+f) and use type into activity.

Same even with OCR :roll_eyes:

This is what I did and didn’t help, you can check attached example too to confirm

Use IE for this activity. check the attache fileExample.xaml (14.2 KB)

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Dear Jyotika, It’s Working but Only for this Text, What if this Text is Changing based on some condition?

It’s working too using “Click Text” instead of “Click Image” .Thanks a lot :slight_smile: image

Happy to know it worked. Please mark as solution!

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