ClickText issue

can any one please let me know how to click on text like this inside browser ?

I am using hot key ctr plus f to search and then next I have tried everything like click text, click image and many more but it doesn’t clicks on exact number I want.

this number is a variable hence it will take from excel 1 by one and search in webpage using hot key and then should right click but it fails.



Welcome to the UIpath Community.

Use Click Text Activity and pass that variable into it. And make sure it should be case sensitive.

Thanks , I was trying same thing but I keep getting this error.


Can you Please send the Selector details for this click text activity.

Also if it is not confidential then send us the Xaml file for this.


This is for findelement and same is in click text


PRD-134310-RN : This value I want to be taken from variable. If it can take then issue will resolve I guess.


Please Use the below selector to get the exact value from variable in order to find.

aaname = ‘"+variableName.ToString+"’