Failed to Click on Text on Web page


I am stuck in a problem which I considered is pretty straight forward…I have created a variable CurrentWeekday which is the string I want to search on a webapge.
I tried using the activity “Click Text” where the sting is set as CurrentWeekday.ToString
but I don’t think it can find the text even it is there…
I also tried to indicate element inside browser by clicking a specific region in the target webapge but it is not working as well…
Can someone please help? Thanks!!image

Hi @sylviawlng

FindElement.xaml (9.8 KB)

I am using find element activity for search the text in web

Hope This will Helpful

JothyPrasanth M

@jothyprasanth. Thanks a lot for your quick reply!!! Can you let me know what is your target website? I cannot see the screenshot you bounded and need the web address to test

Hi @sylviawlng,

I am just use the wikipedia website, Check the selector that i have used.

JothyPrasanth M

hi @jothyprasanth.m I am glad that you are here :slight_smile:!

I am looking at the selector but not sure what does it mean…can you explain the syntax so I can modify it? And I don’t see the web address here as well

Great thanks!

Hi @sylviawlng

Use Ui Explorer to get the selector with id/parentid and aaname, so u just change the aaname static to dynamic value

Static Selector:
<html />
<webctrl parentid='ca-talk' tag='A' aaname='Talk' />

Dynamic Selector:
<html />
<webctrl parentid=‘ca-talk’ tag=‘A’ aaname=’ " +ValriableName+ " ’ />

Here i have change the aaname as dynamic.

JothyPrasanth M

Sorry I am still lost…

  1. I tried to copy your dynamic selector to mine and change the variable but I don’t think it works. I think I should not directly copy the expression?
  2. Here is the selector after I selected the range on screen at the page I want to search text on:

    Should I define a specific area like I did just now? How can you select the whole webpage on screen so you will get the selector in your example?
    Big thanks!!!