Scroll and type into system whose element not identified

Our client has a system, whose elements cannot be detected. So that could only use click image instead of click.
Then my question is, how could type into be achieved in this case?
(need to type into new file name instead of default name)
and also scroll, click image on arrow or send hotkey?


Oh… Save as windows is not detected? Weird, unless you are automating it on a Remote desktop connection (there are other avenues to overcome this)

For now, this bit can be automated using Computer vision - it will identify all elements just like a uielement and you can use CV Type into activity :slight_smile:

yeah, need to open Citrix before open the client’s system, so it may behave like remote desktop.

There is a citrix plugin available for Uipath though.

Anyway, You can send hot-key after clicking on a static text in the RD and then when it scrolls down enough (you should know when to stop the hotkey) and refresh the CV scope and indicate the element you want to type into.

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Hi @ bob_qian,

You can type into:

EX: “c:/users/xxxx/Yourfolder/teste.elsx” + Hotky Enter

And this will save your doc in your typed folder