Citrix Automation Best Practices

Hi Team,

Presently working on Citrix automation, I am finding a very weird behavior of UiPath dont know weather the problem is my process or the application that I am working on. The issue that I have be facing:

  1. As per my knowledge the best way for automating citrix is not using the mouse click events: So for this I have prepared my automation completely using the Key Strokes, I have achieved the internal navigation using key strokes sending Tab & Arrow keys using(Send HotKeys and Type into activities), while working on the key strokes they are working randomly, when working on debug works perfectly when trying to run in normal mode it gets jumped above or below, when trying to reduce the down button count move in a random way.

  2. Initially before starting the citrix application, we need to accept a Sign-in window here, I am sending the mouse clicks, suddenly gives the error as “UiElement not found” when I just delete that event and add it again it works fine.

  3. The same type of error is there with both click events and Type Into, some times suddenly stops working when I delete it and add it back with same text it works fine.

  4. Image Exist\Element Exist activity I am using those to check weather the image is available on the screen or not, with a If condition I will be checking the image status and will perform the required actions , this also works complete randomly, even when the image is available the Image exist will be giving the output as false and it fails.

I have completed the Advanced Citrix Automation tutorial also but could find only basics
Note: Please don’t ask for my code Security reasons cannot provide.
Any suggestion will be helpful

Thanks in advance

I only automate via Citrix if I absolutely have to and usually this is because it’s accessing a 3rd party application. Attempting to do ALL automation via Citrix is not advisable although I’m sure many people are doing this.

Using key strokes is correct, although ideally validate what has happened post key stroke as much as is practical.

You can send “blind” key strokes so…if it’s a pop up click into the area you expect it to be and then send an enter key. Don’t use any selector.

Use a lot of ctrl+c, ctrl+a, copy / delete etc

Using images is okay but play around with the accuracy and don’t use complicated images.

I’m not an expert by any means and have many bad memories of trying to work via citrix in India when the server machines I was accessing were about 30 mins from my house!!