How to send keystrokes without identifying input box UI element in VM

Hello guys, a Rookie here, at the last chapter in Studio Docs. I sent a hotkey which opens the application in VM and then I need to type something in the input box. I have tried Citrix Recording but it’s unable to identify where to type. The screenshot of the application and input box where I need to type is below:


So basically I have two questions:

  1. How can I identify the given input box more reliably?
  2. Is there a way to instruct the robot to straightaway start typing without looking for the input box? As once we open this application, it automatically captures whatever user starts typing in that very same input box provided we have not clicked here and there. I am unable to find a similar “send hotkey” activity which will just “send keys” without bothering about the UI element

The ‘Type into’ function, does not need you to select an area, could you use this?

As far as I know, the “type into” activity does require selecting a UI element to type in. It won’t send keystrokes without identifying the element and fails if it’s not able to recognize it during execution.

Hello there,

Yes,Only thing is as along as cursor is in default place (how ever this is not good practice).
Please follow below step.

  • Use click image option from citrix wizard
  • then choose name first (relative label to the textbox) and
  • click on indicate by focusing on textbox as show in red then
  • use Typinto activity to pass the value.