Scripting SAP


I’m having a problem when trying to automate in SAP.
Server side scripting is enabled and the parameter sapgui/user_scripting is TRUE.
However, I’m still unable to automate.

Is there some other scripting parameter that needs to be changed?
We looked at sapgui/user_scripting_per_user and it’s current value is also TRUE. Should it be FALSE?

Thanks in advance!


Have you enabled client side scripting ?


Thanks for the quick answer.

I’ve enabled scripting on the SAP GUI options in the User settings, yes.


If still it didn’t not work then delete connection in SAP and again re configure it and then enable script on both client and server side. Restart machine and UIpath and give it a try.

Good to know I’m not the only one struggling with SAP. Now, there are a number of settings that must be enabled: (Client and Server-side scripting obviously).

However, I still have difficulties accessing certain elements, such as these:

I am not trying to hijack this thread, just wondering if you’re facing similar issues.

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Hi Red, did you figured it out? I started SAP automation this morning and everything went smoothly. But now I have the same issue, so basically I stucked.
I can’t input text into those fileds which is crucial to continue the process. :neutral_face:

@Qb00ne and @redlynx82 Alternatively you can use SAP GUI Scripting recorder to get VBS Code and use Invoke VBA activity to run your code to some SAP Automation steps. If you don’t like VBS, you can run the code in any Python framework by using open source libraries =)

I was working on a project that the robot was stopped due a lot of changes in fields of Z’s transactions and some standard transactions (selectors was changed), then, another solution (I don’t know if’s your case, but if you have access or contact with SAP Basis team or someone else that can call to configure it, you can use SAP BAPI Package activities), when we’re talking about BAPIs, it don’t depends on selector and is much more faster. But not always we can do by this way, of course.

Take a look

Thank you!


Hi guys,

I need to read from second table how many rows are available
do u have any code for reading rows because its spying total layout

sapgui/user_scripting_per_user parameter when set to ‘TRUE’, allows the users with access to specific roles to spy the elements using UiPath. In our case, we had a SAP role ‘YRS:SP:XX:GUI_SCRIPT_EXE’ which is associated with this parameter to allow scripting specific to user.

Hence, apart for setting the ‘sapgui/user_scripting_per_user;’ parameter to TRUE, the user/bot user need to added to the SAP role ‘YRS:SP:XX:GUI_SCRIPT_EXE’ to allow spying of elements through UiPath.

Hi @RameshSankarS,
Could you specify a little more the configuration of the sapgui / user_scripting_per_user parameter, which will enable editing and execution only for users who have the S_SCR authorization object?
I would like to limit it only to the robo user group in SAP, to ensure more security.