SAP scripting enabled on server and local, but UIpath gives error


Both the scripting is enabled locally through the options (and the notifies are disabled) and on the server with the RZ11 transaction. Yet, I can’t identify any UI element in SAP as it always shows a complete blue box when I try to click somewhere on screen like a transaction or the search bar. UI Explorer is also showing me nothing.

Even the activities like “call transaction” give an error.

“Call Transaction ‘wfica32.exe SAP’: Could not find target element because SAP GUI Scripting is not enabled.”

Can something else be causing this?

thank you.

is the SAP environment in the server where you enabled RZ11 the same as the local environment?


Yes. Same testing environment.

If you record a script from within SAP GUI, can you playback that?


Hello Lawrens,

this behavior can occur if in RZ11 the parameter sapgui/user_scripting_per_user is set to true and you do not have the necessary rights.


Please take a look at RZ11 if this parameter is set to false.
Let us know your results.

Best regards

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