Enable SAP GUI Scripting

SAP Scripting enabled in Client Side, but not enabled in Server Side.Will it affect in the seamless working of SAP using UIpath.

As we are facing intermittet issue of login logout issue in SAP without enablement of server side scripting

Please advise .


To automate sap based applications, it’s mandatory to enable sap scripting in server side.

You can go through sap based training it explains clearly how to enable server side scripting.

Not an absolute truth. :slight_smile: I managed to produce more than 30 robots on SAP R3P only with client side scripting enabled, through “native ocr” activities as “Hover Text”, “Click Text” and others.

But I agree that with server side scripting enabled it’s a piece of cake doing robots and you can leverage even more the quality and performance of your RPA. :wink:

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@arunnair2005, can you explain better what issues are you suffering with?