SAP Automation without Enabling SAP GUI Scripting

Hi all,

I would like to automate a process in SAP but the robot does not detect the elements, for example the checkbox or the text box, and it only detects the whole screen.
I know that Enabling SAP GUI Scripting helps to automate SAP processes but my company does not allow to modifiy SAP.

Do you know if there is another option to interact with SAP without Enabling SAP GUI Scripting?

Thank you for your help.

If you dont have scripting enabled then you automation possibilities are very limited. Make this clear to your company, you will not have so reliable automations. There is a section in the academy course for SAP where you can see what options you have without scripting, but better avoid that.


We also had some questions with enabling the scripting, but it is possible to create a role with the scripting authorizations, and then give that to developers/robot accounts. That way scripting is not enabled for all, and it should be easier to negotiate with your company about it.

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