..screenshots - How to find out the file name from the studio?

I would like to share certain workflows & related .screenshots with my team members, problem is how to find out the related .screenshots ? Where can I find the filename of the image stored in .Screenshot folder?

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Sorry !!Could you please elaborate ?

DO you mean the Activity name?

If you want to know the guid names of your activity screenshots, one way is you have to open your xaml in Notepad and look for each of them.(search for InformativeScreenshot property) and search in your .screenshots folder.

Ignore if this is a overkill

Someone already answered this in the past.

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It is bit tedious, UiPath should provide some option in the studio itself.

Hi Sukrutha,

Post this one in Ideas category: https://forum.uipath.com/c/user-voice/ideas so people can vote.