.screenshot folder missing from Project folder

There is no .screenshot folder and other folders which starts with “.” from project folder but able to see the informative screenshots in Main.xaml file. May i know whether anyone having idea on where the .screenshot folder saved?

Not a hidden folder by any chance? Because default it is part of your projects root folder.

If you really want to go Inspector Gadget on this:

  • create a small workflow test file.
  • add 1 click action to it and set it to any element, just as long as a screencap is made to support it.
  • save
  • open your .xaml testfile in any text editor, such as notepad.
  • find your element click code
  • look for an ID similar to this one:
  • This is the filename of the informative screenshot:
  • Search your file system on this file and you have found your location.


Are you able to see .screenshots folder from Studio project panel ?

Thanks @Jeroen_van_Loon .Your reply helped me to find the root cause of the issue. Actually in my system ‘Show Hidden Files’ option was disabled. Now i have enabled from File Explorer options–>View–>Show hidden files

Thanks @lakshman for responding. Now the issue got sorted

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