Screenshots - How to find out the screenshot file name

Need a facility to find out the screenshot file name from the studio >> properties window

I have to share certain workflows & related .screenshots with my team members, problem is there is no feature in the studio to find out the .screenshot file name. The work around (open xaml file in notepad) is very tedious & time taking. The .screenshot file name should be shown in properties.

Please vote, so that UiPath can take up this in the next version.

Hi @skini76,

Yes, Unfortunately this feature seems to be not available with UiStudio. I too had a similar requirement with one of our clients an year back when they compared the DMS of Pega Robotics studio which auto generates a document with screenshots and click by click flows. I vote for this.

Hi Uipath,

Please see if you can include a document generator in UiStudio with the workflows and the screenshots along with export to excel option which is already there. This will be really helpful to us when we project the capabilities of UiPath in qualifying a process for automation.

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An option to find screenshot file name from Studio would be definitely more handy that searching XAML file!

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.