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All your ideas should go here :slight_smile: Let’s brain storm together how to make UiPath product better for everyone! If you do not feel like posting yourself, feel free to browse the topics and vote on your favourite…

Virtual Developer Conference (4)
Color Categorize in Outlook (4)
One click analytics - Python, R, SQL (2)
Debugging - Change the variable value & set the previous/next activity (1)
Having message activity to send message to phone numbers (3)
GIT integration ( 2 3 4 ) (67)
Restrain or set allowed logging level from Orchestrator (2)
Request: User Interface to edit completed scraping (1)
CTRL+K - Add Selection of Variable Type and Scope (2)
Automate the creation of ReFramework according to the type of TransactionItem (2)
Logging Levels by Process (1)
Schedules - End Time as date/time (1)
Click Position - Add Left, Right, Top and Bottom (3)
Handling random popup (20)
Handling unexpected Windows, Alerts or Dialog Boxes (1)
Orchestrator Units (4)
Orchestrator Tenants Management (1)
Search-Activity-Shortcut [ctrl+alt+f] should delete previous search (3)
Entity - Efficiently reduce number of arguments ( 2 ) (24)
Coding in C# instead of VB.Net ( 2 ) (27)
Active Directory activities package (10)
Built-in VBScript for Excel (1)
Human Computer Process Interaction for Back Office Robots (13)
Global Variable (10)
Project Level Variable (7)
Can I have refactoring function in UiPath Studio? (5)
Flexible debugging idea - mark activity as a 'debug' activity with ability to globaly switch it off/on (6)
SAP GUI for Windows Execution Unit for UiPath (1)
Write line / log message for every activity (3)