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All your ideas should go here :slight_smile: Let’s brain storm together how to make UiPath product better for everyone! If you do not feel like posting yourself, feel free to browse the topics and vote on your favourite…

Fomrtting option on Activity DisplayName (1)
Search-Activity-Shortcut [ctrl+alt+f] should delete previous search (1)
Active Directory activities package (6)
Shortcut keys for most used activities like 'Write Line','Assign','log' and more (3)
Message Box Design (3)
Connect 1 machine to 2 different Orchestrator (5)
Restart Button for Debugging mode (2)
GIT integration ( 2 3 ) (56)
Start point for debugging (2)
UiPath Attended Robot with Real-time face recognition (3)
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Dark Theme for Community Forum (10)
Handling random popup (19)
Start Process returns process object (1)
Country wise contributors (1)
Proper AD/LDAP Integration (5)
Ability to input a collection variable in activity (18)
Orchestrator for Docker (3)
Suggest new forum for Infrastructure (3)
Ability to perm delete or remove Transactions from History (1)
Orchestrator logs - precision in timestamps causes wrong order of log lines (1)
Fetch Selector Information Remotely (2)
Invoke VBA with password to open the project (1)
Save as Image - Option to choose light theme (1)
Add Conditional breakpoint (1)
Custom html display till an action triggers (3)
Schedules graphical representation (4)
UiPath Studio: Remember locations + add Navigate Backward/Forward buttons (1)