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All your ideas should go here :slight_smile: Let’s brain storm together how to make UiPath product better for everyone! If you do not feel like posting yourself, feel free to browse the topics and vote on your favourite…

Adjust Asset through Scheduler (without executing a process) (3)
Dark Theme for Community Forum (1)
Column number parameter in excel activities (Read range, write range, etc) (1)
A Timer acivity with various properties (3)
Aset Type as Table (3)
Entity - Efficiently reduce number of arguments (13)
Break out of workflow (3)
Rework the 'Invoke workflow' (6)
Access Activity Properties (4)
F1 - Help Documentation for Custom activities (1)
Execution logs improvement (1)
Passing Boolean to checkbox of activity - change checkbox to combo box to allow variable input (7)
When licensing dates commence - should be on date activated (1)
Variable Viewer (1)
Add data row - preview datatable (2)
Automatically run bots on new queue item ( 2 ) (26)
Configuration file per project (7)
PDF - Merge and Extract Pages (Split) activities (11)
Package Manager - updates available group (2)
Create Bookmarks functionality in Ui Path Studio (2)
GIT integration ( 2 3 ) (49)
Can we display expiry date rather than number of weeks remaining until licenses expire (2)
Deployment from acceptance environment (including assets) #AutomatedDeployment #Migration (12)
Copy variables over in simplified manner (4)
Orchestrator Title Bar Colour Change (7)
Integrate 'Add Log Fields' into 'Log Message' (5)
Interpolated selectors like in C# (12)
Align Activities (7)
Orchestrator Units (3)